Finsbury Park Beehouse – World Honey Bee Day – Fundraising Event – Photos

Photos by M. Shahid, Martin King, hanna Thomson + others. More photos to be added please send any people took to us.


About the initiative of World Bee Day….

The Finsbury Park Beehouse will be celebrating and supporting the Slovinian Beekeepers initiative ‘World Bee Day’ on 20th May 2018.

With our own ‘Finsbury Park Beehouse – World Honey Bee Day – Fundraising Event’

We also will be: ‘Raising public awareness of the importance of bees, apicultural products and protecting bees and the beekeeping sectors contribution to poverty alleviation, hunger eradication and preserving healthy environment and its biodiversity.’ – Slovinian Beekeepers.

Locally the Finsbury Park Beehouse will be open to visitors. With talks, information and a beehive sound installation near the Beehouse.

Then in the evening, we will be staging an experimental music fundraising event at New River Studios (15 Mins walk from the Beehouse).

On the 20th May 2018

2 – 5pm – Openday at the Beehouse in Finsbury Park.
Visit the Beehouse meet some Bees and listen to our solar powered Bee sound installation.

6 – 11pm – Experimental Music at New River Studios – Finsbury Park Beehouse Fundraising Event.
Line Up:
Opening 7pm
7.00 Raxil 4 & Stephen Scutt
7.30 Brothers From Another Mother
8.00 Jose Macabra & Medialages
8.30 Pranic Attack
9.00 Martin Klang and Tom Webster
9.30 Bioni & Psychiceyeclix
10.00 Group Jam
11.00 End

Bioni Samp
Martin Klang
Pranic Attack
Jose Macabra
In the bar area.
DJ Igor Hax
Medallion Man
Kenny Mulligan
DJ Sim Eon

Honey Bee Beehouse Mascot 2018